Our Founder

"If every attorney had the intelligence, work eithic and exemplary moral character Brent Helms possesses, there'd be more jokes about accountants." ~ Former Judge

Brent is a young litigator with an already impressive range of experience, serving as a judge for three years prior to opening his own firm.

He lives by the mantra that those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it. 

He has been recognized for his legal accomplishments by media outlets around the world

Bilingual in English and Spanish, Brent mastered Spanish while serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Los Angeles, California.

While Brent does have a slightly dorky love of the law, he'd prefer to tell you about his wife and seven children.


Brent Helms is the speaker your audience can't ignore!

Invite Brent to speak

Brent's speeches are valuable. In court, they win cases. When given to an audience, they educate, inspire, and influence. Audiences love the dynamic, fun, and passionate flavor Brent incorporates into his speeches.


Fluent in English and Spanish, Brent built a professional reputation early in his career, representing the Mexican Consulate as an attorney and public speaker, providing specialized legal training to Alabama judges, speaking at legal and medical symposiums on constitutional and civil rights issues, and delivering keynote addresses to international civic groups.

No fee

While there is no speaker fee, Brent Helms respectfully requests your coverage of any travel expenses (e.g., airfare, car rental, hotel, meals, etc.). Any honorarium as a "thank you" or gesture of good will and appreciation will be graciously accepted in the same spirit in which it is given.